Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peninsula Feb. 23, 2010 Foothills Park in Palo Alto

Hello Trekkers!
We had a great time at Foothills Park last week. We LOVED doing Tiny Treks Olympics with you! All the kids did a great job in their events - jumping off rocks, flying like birds, finding different leaves, balancing on a log... The highlight was seeing their smiling faces when they received their gold medal. Super cute. (TUESDAY class - we're planning for your Olympics next week at Redwood Grove...hopefully we'll have a dry day for you!)

We also celebrated "Q" week at Foothills Park - we clapped our hands and stomped our feet Quickly, we Quacked like ducks, we were Quiet and listened to the sounds of nature and ate Quinoa muffins for snack.

We look forward to seeing you at Redwood Grove!

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