Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peninsula week of March 2nd, 2010 Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove (Mar 2-6)
Hello Trekkers!
We started off the week with a lot of wet weather - hopefully you all enjoyed some puddle jumping! Tuesday and Wednesday classes met at the Palo Alto Jr. Museum to escape the rain. We had so much fun playing at all of the exhibits/stations in the museum. We were lucky to get some dry weather so we went outside to say hello to the animals, splash in some puddles, climb on the tree trunk spiral and enjoy a picnic snack. Thursday, Friday and Saturday classes were able to meet outdoors at the Redwood Grove. We started class by making fishing poles to "fish" in the creek during our hike. The kids found sticks to use as their pole and tied a "worm" (popsicle stick!) to it. Fishing poles in hand, the kids were ready to set out for their hike. We stopped at several places along the creek to fish. I loved hearing what the kids were fishing for - rainbow fish, catfish, dolphins, sharks... even dogs! We enjoyed walking (and running!) through the redwood trees. All classes got to celebrate the letter R this week - Rain, Rainbows, Running and Redwood trees fit perfectly with the letter of the week. We got to sing lots of R songs - our tree song where we start as a seed and grow into a Redwood tree, Itsy Bitsy Spider in the Rain, Row Row Row Your Boat and Ram Sam Sam. I LOVED learning all of your versions of Ram Sam Sam - thanks for showing them to me. See you next week at Picchetti Ranch!


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